Monster Play

This past week was extremely action packed for me. I had 2 monster friends over for a week-long sleepover while their people went out-of-town. Sebastian and Bella are both a few months younger than I am, so I usually get to be the boss when we hang out. Sebastian is a peki-poo (Pekingese and Poodle mix) and is my size and Bella’s a morkie like me but she’s a lot smaller than us.

Sebastian and I wrestle as Bella watches

Playing all day is a full-time job. We need a break!

Here’s how we spent most days:
- Wake up and go for a walk- race and chase each other.
- Come home and eat, eat, eat. I might have eaten a little more than my fair share; oh well, it’s survival of the fittest right?
- Wrestle, pick 1 to chase around- usually Bella.
- Sleep, sleep, sleep. Man, playing all day is exhausting!!
- Repeat- Play, Eat, Play, Sleep, Play Eat, Play, Sleep.

I have to admit, monstering around all day is very exhausting. When it’s just me, I’m pretty chill, but for some reason, other monsters get my adrenaline pumping. I can be pretty aggressive with my space, my food and the attention from my people, so it took a while for me warm up to Sebastian and Bella.

My people were actually worried that I would hurt Bella at first. I wouldn’t have hurt her on purpose, I was just trying to play with her, and fine I admit, maybe scare her a little and keep her away from my stuff. I was a little ruff with her, but I can’t help it that she’s so scrawny! Okay, that was mean, sorry Bella, you’re not scrawny, you’re just petite. I am an only-monster, the only monster for my family, so I’m not used to other monsters around all the time. I like hanging out with them, but I may be too monstrous for my own good.

Eventually, I did calm myself down. My people helped me too (a little). Here’s a couple of things they did, that maybe you monsters could train your people to do when you feel all riled up and meditating is just not working for you..

- Distract- When I started growling at Bella and planning my attack, er, I mean fun play attack, on her, my people started distracting me with other things like my toys and laser. I actually would forget about Bella for a little while.
- Positive Reinforcement- I also noticed I got a lot more treats whenever I was around her and didn’t jump on her. And we all know how much I love love love treats, this was a pretty great motivator. Treats v. Fight, hmmm, I pick treats 9 out of 10 times!
- Dominance- But I still pick fighting 1 out of 10 times and that prompted my person in picking me up by the neck and talking to me firmly. I was never yelled at, otherwise I think I would have gone nuts. I would have been even more mad at Bella for getting me in trouble! When they talked to me calmly and firmly, I felt like maybe I wasn’t the boss, and if you’re not the boss, you really can’t go around starting stuff.
- Separate- Still, sometime I just couldn’t help myself, Bella was just so small and cute and would get all the attention! I would go after her and I wouldn’t let up, no matter what anyone tried. That’s when I was taken and put in a different room. I still felt all wound up and crazy, but then my people would play with me separately and wear me out so much that when I saw Bella again, even though I wanted to pounce on her, I was just too tired. And that’s when we’d plop down for a dog nap.

Bella and I get along great when we're napping.

Now, I suppose I am pretty small and very well-trained (FINE, I’m mediocrely trained, I like to think of myself as an independent thinker!) so I may be a little easier to handle than other monsters. But I’m still pretty monstrous, and this is a good start to helping us get control of our monster instincts.

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About Maya the Monster

My name's Maya. My human likes to call me Maya Monster and I think it has a certain ring to, makes me feel rather important. So important in fact, that I decided to start this record of my existence. Your welcome. I'm a morkie (cross between maltese and yorkshire terrier) who loves to play, snooze, eat, nap, explore, doze off, run wild, and did I mention sleep? Ahh, sweet sublime slumber...anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I'm the official mascot of
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